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  • 50 Years Söhner Kunststofftechnik

    Innovative packaging solutions for half a century. We would therefore like to thank our customers and business partners for their loyalty and the trust they put in us, and are looking forward to an exiciting future together.

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  • Packaging made of corrugated plastic

    Packaging systems made of polypropylene twin-wall sheets are used in many different areas and gain more and more importance due to their diverse characteristics. They are suitable for dividing, protecting, storing and transporting ... 

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  • Rent MegaPack

    Rent MegaPack is our service for more leeway. Rent the large load carriers you need: flexible, affordable, and free of capital commitment!

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  • Successfully automate

    Lay the foundations for a functioning automatic handling of workpieces at modern production lines with workpiece carriers from Söhner Kunststofftechnik.

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Welcome to Söhner Kunststofftechnik. Your partner for transport packaging.

For four decades, we have been the specialist for plastic thermoforming technology and are one of today's Europe-wide leading suppliers of returnable packaging for internal and external transport. With extremely high quality demands, technical know-how and an understanding for the logistical processes of our customers, we develop, produce and distribute tailored solutions that contribute to a sustainable optimization of the supply chain, both economically and ecologically. Customers from all kinds of industries, such as the automobile and automotive OEM industry, the electronic industry, trade and many others, rely on our quality.


Großladungsträger für die Werk-zu-Werk-Logistik; MegaPack GAMMA mit Gefache

MegaPack folding systems

Foldable large load carriers for your multi-way logistics. For a safe transport and a volume reduction of up to 85%.

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Thermogeformte Werkstückträger und Behälter für den Werkstücktransport; Herstellung im Single-Sheet-Verfahren, Twin-Sheet-Verfahren, aus Folienmaterial

Workpiece carrier & containers

Thermoformed load carriers for lightweight, medium-weight and heavy components. Suited for manual or automated handling.

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Packaging made of corrugated plastic

Custom-made, versatile packaging systems made of twin-wall sheets for subdividing, protecting, storing and transporting.

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