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Improved material flow through automation-adapted workpiece carriers, containers and so on.

Parts that run through automated production and storage processes demand individual transport and packaging solutions that have been adapted to the respective conveyor technology. For our customers, we thus develop special workpiece carrier and load carrier systems that have been perfectly adapted to the conditions arising during automated handling.

Contour-precise nests that have been adjusted to the product provide the parts with a safe hold, while high form precision to a tenth of a millimeter guarantees the dimensional stability required for automatic equipping and removal. A clever arrangement of the parts also guarantees a high load density and the stackability of the load carriers for an optimum utilization of the transport and storage volume.

Our product range comprises the following:

Automation-adapted workpiece carriers and containers

  • Single-sheet tray
  • Single-sheet container
  • Twin-sheet tray and carrier
  • Workpiece carrier with parts-specific interchangeable inserts

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Automation-adapted intermediate layers

  • On pallets
  • For stanchion frames
  • In MegaPack folding systems

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Automation-adapted blisters

  • Automation-adapted, thermoformed blisters

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  • Optical protection against incorrect positioning: Labeling using color strips or arrows indicating the direction of running prevent incorrect insertion.
  • Mechanical protection against incorrect positioning: Special reference contours guarantee that the position of the workpiece carrier is mechanically recognized.
  • Centering dome (top/bottom): The dome is used to check the position and fix the workpiece carrier into place during handling.
  • Perimeter groove: A perimeter groove is required to lift and lower the workpiece carrier.
  • Ergonomic, depressed grips or grip plates: Simplifies the handling of the workpiece carrier.
  • Placeholder for bar codes, etc.: Labels, document pouches and other code carriers for identification can be attached without a problem.


  • Mechanically loadable, low-wear and impact-resistant
  • High precision for exact positioning and high repeating accuracy for equipping and removal
  • Weather and corrosion resistance
  • Washable at 60 – 70°C
  • Prevention of transport and bearing damage

Application examples

Automatisierung: Leichter Werkstückträger aus ESD-Folienmaterial; Werkstückträger für automatisiertes Handling
Automatisierung: Zwischenlagen auf Rungengestellen; Beförderung mittels Rollenband