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Conductive packaging for electronic products.

Electrical, electronic and electromagnetic components and modules are endangered by electrostatic discharge (ESD) during transport. Even the slightest discharge with voltages of less than 100 V suffice to damage sensitive parts or to shorten their service life. For protection, we thus provide you with our entire product range of conductive or antistatic materials (ABS, ABS/TPU, HDPE, PS, PP, PET).

Packaging made of ESD-safe plastic prevents the generation of electrostatic charges and conducts away existing electrical charges in a monitored manner - an appropriate protection against this unwanted and barely traceable source of faults.

For our MegaPack folding systems, we accordingly manufacture appropriate inner equipment, like compartments or interlayers made of conductive twin wall panels or textiles.


  • Safe protection of your electronic product during packing, transport and storage
  • A selection of conductive and antistatic plastics adapted to your needs
  • Even smaller quantities are available using deep-drawn manufacturing

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Application examples

ESD-Verpackung: Leitfähiges Gefache
ESD-Verpackung: Leitfähiger Werkstückträger
ESD-Verpackung: Leitfähiger Behälter mit Deckel und farblicher Kennzeichung
ESD-Verpackung: MegaPack ALPHA in leitfähiger Ausführung zum Schutz von elektronischen Bauteilen