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Machine building & medical technology

Cladding parts for machine and plant construction, as well as medical devices.

A variety of requirements are placed on machine cladding and device housings nowadays: On the one hand, they must constantly withstand the loads and influences of industrial use and/or a medical environment and, on the other, they should fulfill the rising demands on design and functionality. An ideal range of applications for the material plastic. In addition to a low weight, plastic molds offer a large freedom for design, chemical resistance and definable electrical properties.

We manufacture customer-specific, plastic cladding parts up to a size of 2500 x 1400 mm in the single-sheet and twin-sheet thermoforming methods.

Manufacturing in the twin-sheet thermoforming method

Even in case of areas of 3,5 m² and more, the twin-sheet technology enable an economical and high-quality production of lightweight, but highly stable cladding parts. Required fastening elements (bushings, brackets, rotary parts, etc.) can be directly integrated between the two halves during the two-sheet reforming process. In addition, the double-walled structure of the mold offers effective noise insulation.


  • High rigidity of the molds
  • Large freedom of design
  • Different forming and coloration on two sides
  • Integration of fastening elements – without adhesion

Manufacturing in the single-sheet thermoforming method

The single-sheet technology, on the other hand, is suited for the manufacturing of lightweight cladding parts and additional elements for which two-sided dimensional stability and the rigidity of the mold are not of prime importance.


  • Large freedom of design
  • Free color choice

Application examples

Maschinenbau: Wartungsklappe einer Druckmaschine
Maschinenbau: Gehäuseelement einer Druckmaschine
Maschinenbau: Gehäuseteil einer Druckmaschine