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Sea freight

Large load carriers for transport in sea containers.

With the trend towards internationalization and global manufacturing platforms, the demand for efficient, cost-optimized and environmentally sound solutions for the worldwide goods traffic is rising, especially in the automobile industry. Products must reach their destination as safely and quickly as possible. Especially for transport in sea freight containers, we have further developed our MegaPack series and expanded it by a product line that is specifically designed for the requirements at sea – MegaPack CARGO.

While disposable packaging made of cardboard often gives way under the extreme climatic conditions and damages the transported components, the stable and weather-resistant SÖHNER large load carriers made of plastic minimize the risk of product damage. At the same time, the special dimensions guarantee an optimum utilization of the inside of a sea container. In case of a complete load in a 40-foot container, utilization of up to 98 percent is achieved, which leads to high freight cost savings in comparison with conventional solutions.

MegaPack also contributes to environmental protection by reducing the number of transports and thus the connected CO2 emissions. Due to the multiple uses, the amount of packaging waste also reduces. As in the case of all MegaPack folding systems, the MegaPack CARGO load carriers are recyclable.

Areas of application:

  • For "Completely Knocked Down" (CKD) uses


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Application examples

Großladungsträger für Seecontainer: MegaPack CARGO 1140x1140 mm mit PP-Faltring
Großladungsträger für Seecontainern: MegaPack CARGO 1140x1140 mm mit Twin-Sheet-Faltring