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Solar industry

Customized packaging for solar technology.

The use of regenerative energies has strongly increased in the last few years and, among other things, led to an expansion of photovoltaic production. To serve this growing market, an efficient and economical manufacturing chain is required. In addition to a reliable automation technology, appropriate packaging is the be-all and end-all: They guarantee a problem-free run-through, contributing to a reduction of the breakage rate and increase process security. For the solar industry, we develop and manufacture precisely fitting workpiece carriers and tailor-made large load carrier systems for a safe protection of products during transport.

Workpiece carrier & trays - Accommodation of wafers and solar cells.

Wafers and solar cells are frequently turned from one production step to the next during manufacturing. The fragile parts must thus be placed in a load carrier quickly and safely again and again. Our precisely fitting workpiece carriers and trays made of ABS are excellently suited for this purpose. They permit gentle and precise accommodation and an exact positioning of the products for further processing. They also have a good resistance to chemical substances and excellent insulating properties.

MegaPack folding systems - Large load carriers for the transport of solar modules.

Specially adapted MegaPack folding systems guarantee a safe protection of the sensitive solar and photovoltaic modules during transport. Thermoformed inserts accommodate the panels firmly and guarantee a constant distance between the individual elements in the large load carrier. Tailor-made injection molding parts offer additional edge and corner protection.

In an empty state, the large load carriers have an additional advantage: They are foldable and achieve a volume reduction of up to 60% during the return and storage of empty containers. This saves space and costs.

Application examples

Verpackungen für Solartechnik: Großladungsträger MegaPack ALPHA mit Aufnahmen für Solarpanel
Verpackungen für Solartechnik: Thermogeformtes Tray für Solarzellen
Verpackungen für Solartechnik: Großladungsträger MegaPack GAMMA inklusive Tray für Solarmodule