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Transport packaging for distribution to retailers and wholesalers.

In order for products and goods to pass through the daily transport, handling and storage processes from logistics centers to individual branches safely, quickly and as economically as possible, multifunctional packaging systems are required. Our extensive experience in the manufacturing of large load carriers and recycling solutions make us the ideal partner in this situation, who knows the requirements of the industry, such as the constantly rising transport costs.

During the development of packaging, we thus take a high packing density, an optimum utilization of the volume of the means of transportation and the volume-reduced return of empty packaging into consideration, in addition to a good protection of the goods and easy handling. You thus obtain solutions that are perfectly tailored to your needs.

Verpackungen für den Handel: Eurosleeve mit offener Ladeklappe; Robuster Palettenaufsetzrahmen aus HD-PE

Example "Euro Sleeve" pallet frames

For one of our customers, we were to develop a placement frame for Europallets to replace the previously used, dirty and heavy solutions made of metal and wood. The requirements were clearly defined: a height of 800 mm, a low weight and easy handling. The result was a placement frame manufactured in the twin-sheet deep-drawing method with a weight of 22.5 kg, a static stacking load of up to 750 kg and a loading flap for easy loading and unloading. The frame is fixed to the pallet without additional fastening elements – which further simplified handling. And when it is not in use, it can be folded up in a space-saving manner. In this state, it has a height of only 13 cm. 

Application examples

Verpackungen für den Handel: Eurosleeve mit geschlossener Ladeklappe; Robuster Palettenaufsetzrahmen aus HD-PE
Verpackungen für den Handel: Eurosleeve mit geschlossener Ladeklappe und Europalette; Robuster Palettenaufsetzrahmen aus HD-PE
Verpackungen für den Handel: Eurosleeve light, Palettenaufsetzrahmen aus PP-Hohlkammerplatten