Rent MegaPack: Our new Website for Container Rental is now online

Starting immediately, the container rental service of Söhner Kunststofftechnik is now online under With a streamlined, sleek appearance, responsive design and expanded functionality for product inquiries, the new website presents the possibilities and advantages of container rental in comparison with traditional container purchasing. The rental range of Rent MegaPack comprises seven foldable large load carriers in dimensions from 1200 x 800 mm to 1800 x 1200 mm.

Rent Megapack

Adaptable thanks to responsive design
In addition to a clear structure and easy user guidance that helps users access their desired information quickly, the focus of the new Website includes its “responsive design.” This means: The screen design and resolution of the Website automatically adapt to the different requirements of terminal devices, such as laptops, tablets or smartphones. The Website therefore not only corresponds with state-of-the-art web standards, but it also provides optimized usability at the workplace, in meetings or on the go.


User-friendly and functional
A further central point in this new development was the integration of a direct product selection and search, similar to the function of a shopping car in an online shop. In just a few steps, a specific rental inquiry can be sent to Rent MegaPack through this expanded functionality. Thanks to complete information, the availability can be checked automatically within the company without employees having to be consulted and a rental offer can be created. A win-win situation for interested parties and the supplier.


First station for rent-to-own as well
In addition to the possibility of making rental inquiries, the Website also offers helpful information on rent-to-own variants. Over a fixed time period of 24 months, plastic containers can be rented and then purchased for a fixed remaining amount at the end of the rental period. Here, we recommend a personal conversation to identify and discuss your concrete desires.


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