New XXL plastic pallet for transporting large, lightweight components

Söhner Kunststofftechnik GmbH, manufacturer of returnable plastic transport packaging and workpiece carrier systems, has developed and manufactured its largest plastic pallet until now, produced in the thermoforming method, for a customer from the automotive industry. The plastic pallet and matching system lid have basic dimensions of 2600 x 1200 mm and is therefore more than three times as large as a Euro-pallet. It is used to transport side skirts.

XXL plastic pallet

The new plastic pallet is more than three times as large as a Euro-pallet.

To guarantee an even load distribution and prevent sagging during handling, the 12-foot XXL pallet has steel profiles integrated into the longitudinal side. Thanks to these reinforcements, a load capacity of 600 kg and stacking load up to 1500 kg are achieved. On the other hand, the tare weight of the plastic pallet amounts to only 40 kg. A pallet edge raised by 40 mm along the perimeter acts as an anti-slipping aid and guarantees that the EPP foam containers holding the side skirts do not slip during transport.


Additional features of the new plastic pallet: a smooth upper deck, screwed on injection-molded feet that can be exchanged in case of damage and surfaces for embossing or labeling. The integrated drain holes also provide additional benefit by guaranteeing the drainage of rainwater. As in the case of all other pallets of Söhner Kunststofftechnik, the XXL pallet can be driven under on all four sides by all common forklift trucks.


The pertinent system lid is also manufactured using the thermoforming method and has a high rigidity due to its specific rib structure. This rigidity and 12 molded profile edges ensure a safe stacking of the pallet systems during transport. Four handle straps on the short sides enable the easy removal and placement of the lid during order picking.


In addition to side skirts, the XXL plastic pallet of Söhner Kunststofftechnik can also transport other large components made of lightweight materials, including products from the automotive sector, such as rear spoilers, roofs or roof racks, as well as components from other branches of industry.

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