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Blister packaging

Optimum presentation and high product protection in one.

Blister packaging is transparent packaging manufactured from a plastic film using the deep-drawing method. As protective packaging, blister packaging is robust while simultaneously putting the product into the limelight with transparency or color.  We manufacturer folding blisters and deep-drawn inserts made of film with a maximum thickness of 2.5 mm – mainly for high-quality electronic products or other sensitive consumer goods.

Material: PS, PET, PVC, ABS
Thickness: 0,3 - 2,5 mm
Color: Colored or transparent
Addition: Electrical conductive or flocked
Size: Up to 700 x 500 mm

Blisterverpackung, CD-Hülle mit CD aufgeklappt
Blisterverpackung, Klappblister mit 4 Fächern

Folding blister

The seethrough folding deep-drawn packaging made of transparent film offers the advantage of product presentation on both sides (the front and rear of the product is visible), as well as easy and flexible handling. This kind of packaging is very lightweight, can be set up in a hanging and/or upright position and can be opened and reclosed repeatedly. Our folding blisters are adapted to the contour of the product and can be stacked together when empty in space-saving manner if required.

Made of transparent PET or PS, they are completely recyclable and, in particular, save resources when films made of recycled material are used. They are suited for both sales and transport packaging.

Blisterverpackung: transparenter Werkstückträger aus PET
Blisterverpackung, Wartungsbox bestehend aus blauem Unterteil und transparentem Deckel


Individually manufactured deep-drawn inserts are suited for flexible use. Whether for sensitive, small or larger articles, precisely fitting seats guarantee a secure hold and protect the parts from damage due to jolts and impacts. At the same time, they are cut in such a way to present the goods to the consumer. For this purpose, the inserts can be adapted to the surface and color of the surrounding packaging and thus complete the overall high-quality impression of the packaging. For manufacturing, we use roll material made of PVC, PS, PET and ABS up to a maximum format of 700 x 500 mm, colored or transparent, but also flocked or electrical conductive – according to application and customer wish.

Our thermoformed inserts are completely recyclable after use.