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Conductive packaging

For protection against electrostatic discharge.

Electrical and electronic components can be destroyed by electrostatic discharge. For protection against such damage, we also offer our packaging solutions in an ESD design. This reliably prevents the generation of electrostatic charges and conducts previously existing charges away in a controlled manner.
Fundamentally, all packaging, from thermoformed containers and workpiece carriers to packaging made of twin wall panels and MegaPack folding systems, can be made from antistatic and electrically conductive plastics. If desired, manufacturing from dissipative materials is also possible.

We are happy to advise you on your choice of materials and discuss your requirements together: ABS conductive, ABS/TPU conductive, HDPE conductive, PS conductive, PP conductive, PET antistatic.

Conductive packaging at a glance

Großladungsträger MegaPack ALPHA 1200x800 in elektrisch-leitfähiger Ausführung

MegaPack folding systems (ESD)

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Steckgefache aus leitfähigem Material (ESD-Schutz)

Packaging systems made of corrugated plastic (ESD)

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ESD-Behälter zum Schutz von Kombi-Instrumenten

Workpiece carriers & containers (ESD)

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Sonderverpackung: Munitionskoffer aus Kunststoff

Special packaging (ESD)

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Werkstückträger aus leitfähigem Material (ESD-Schutz)

Blister packaging (ESD)

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Terms and definitions according to EN 61340-5-3

Low-charging / antistaticL (Low charging)Packaging with the property of minimizing the generation of charges
Electrostatically conductiveC (Conductive)

Packaging with a surface resistance of 102 < 105 Ohm

Electrostatically dissipativeD (Dissipative)Packaging with a surface resistance of 105 < 1011 Ohm
ShieldingS (Shielding)Shielding against electrostatic discharge