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Interlayers, carrier plates and layer pads


For the separation of stacked products in packaging and on pallets.

With an interlayer made of PP twin wall panels, products can be easily, but safely stacked so that the entire packaging unit is stabilized and the weight is distributed evenly. Regardless of whether the loading unit is on a pallet or in a load carrier and/or container:

Interlayers are available in various dimensions, thicknesses, grammages and colors and are developed according to customer-specific requirements.

HKP-Zwischenlage mit glatter Oberfläche

Carrier plates

For the accommodation of sensitive parts.

A carrier plate consists of two parts: a PP twin wall panel and the PE cellular plastic receptacle that have been adapted to the product. They particularly protect surface-sensitive (e.g., lacquered) parts from scratches and press marks. The contour-precise adaptation of the cellular plastic receptacles guarantees an ordered, non-slipping placement of the parts during transport.

Carrier plates are mainly used in large load carriers and pallet systems, but also in containers and small load carriers.

HKP-Trägerplatte mit Schaumstoff-Aufnahmen


The economical solution for fixing compartments and packaging onto pallets.

The layerpad is a variable and economical solution consisting of a 4mm-thick twin wall panel with lateral contours for fixing packaging onto wooden or plastic pallets. T-shaped plastic profiles on the plate edges guarantee a safe connection between the pallet and twin wall panel on the one hand and a non-slipping hold of the packaging on the other. The standard version of the layer pad is available in dimensions for Europallets, industrial pallets and half-pallets. Special dimensions upon request.

Layerpad aus PP-Hohlkammerplatten


  • Round or canted edges
  • Grip holes
  • Fleece-lined
  • Welded edges for improved hygiene
  • Various colors
  • Individual printing
  • ESD design (only in black)


  • High stability and low weight
  • Highly kink, impact and tear resistant
  • Flat and non-slip surface
  • Moisture and weather resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Reusable
  • 100% recyclable