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Sleeves and container casings

For safe storage and transport.

For the encasing of pallets and other packaging units, we manufacture sleeves made of PP twin wall panels and PP trilaminate. The sleeves are characterized by stability, resistance and a low weight. They are easy to clean and completely recyclable. Specific requirements for sleeve configuration and material selection are taken into consideration according to customer wish. The sleeve height can be individually determined. In addition, the sleeves can be folded together in a volume-reducing manner and stashed away for the return and storage of empty containers.

Thickness: 10 mm
Grammage: 2.000 - 4.000 g/m²
(depending on stacking load etc.)
Color: Grey (standard), additional colours upon request

  • Leichter PP-Aufsatzring für Paletten
  • Leichter PP-Aufsatzring mit Ladeklappe auf Palette
  • Großladungsträger MegaPack ALPHA 1200x1000x990 mit geschlossener Ladeklappe
  • Großladungsträger MegaPack ALPHA 1200x1000x990 mit offener Ladeklappe


  • One-part or two-part sleeves
  • M-Fold or Z-Fold
  • Loading flap with velcro and fleece or sliding locks
  • Locking mechanism for pallet and lid
  • Gripping holes
  • Various sleeve colours
  • Individual printing
  • Document pockets
  • ESD version (only in black)


  • Low weight
  • Hight loadability & stability
  • Chemical resistant
  • Foldable
  • Varsatile options
  • 100% recycable