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Stacking boxes

Practical boxes for storage and transporting.

Customer-specific stacking boxes made of twin wall panels are particularly suitable when standard containers can no longer be used due to their standardized dimensions. Our stacking boxes can be manufactured in almost all technical sizes and guarantee a high volume utilization with excellent loadability.

According to design and dimensions, static stacking loads of up to 2 tons are possible. Stacking boxes can be used, for example, to store parts and products. For a safe transport, even of sensitive components, a variety of parts-specific equipment options are also available.

  • HKP-Stapelboxen gestapelt
  • HKP-Stapelbox mit vlieskaschiertem Gefache
  • HKP-Stapelbox mit Eckprofilen
  • HKP-Stapelbox mit Aluprofil


  • Stacking profile made of aluminum or plastic
  • Reinforced stacking corners
  • Parts-specific inner equipment (compartments, cellular plastic receptacles, etc.)
  • Shopping cart equipment for sequencing
  • In a variety of colors
  • Individual printing
  • ESD design (only in black)


    • Stackable
    • Individual, customer-specific sizes
    • Low weight and easy handling