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MegaPack GAMMA


Min.  1200 x 800 mm
.  1500 x 1140 mm


Max. stacking load
500 kg
Max. load capacity
350 kg

  • Großladungsträger MegaPack GAMMA 1200x800 mm ohne Ladeklappe
  • Großladungsträger MegaPack GAMMA 1200x800 mm zusammengefaltet
  • Großladungsträger MegaPack GAMMA 1200x800 mm gestapelt
  • Großladungsträger MegaPack GAMMA 1200x1000 mm mit Gefache
  • Großladungsträger MegaPack GAMMA 1200x1000 mm mit Twin-Sheet-Ring

Product description

With the additional return sleeve, MegaPack GAMMA lets you transport the inner packaging used for separation and protection, such as compartments and intermediate layers, together with the folded MegaPack. An expensive commissioning with a new filling is thus avoided. The robust return sleeve made of HDPE (twin-sheet) also offers protection against damage, for example, by fork lifts. MegaPack GAMMA is available in four basic dimensions from 1200 × 800 mm to 1500 × 1140 mm.


  • Lockable loading flap (with Velcro® and fleece)
  • Transport safety device / locking mechanism
  • Ergonomic recessed grips
  • Folding sleeve made of PP trilaminate
  • Return sleeve made of HDPE (twin-sheet)


    • Volume-reduced return of empty containers
    • Optimum storage of inner packaging
    • Easy handling due to low weight
    • Protection against moisture and dirt
    • Additional protection during transport with fork lifts
    • UV-resistant and weatherproof
    • Long durability and service life
    • Versatile equipment possibilities
    MegaPack GAMMAExternal dimensions
    (in mm)
    System height
    (in mm)
    Internal dimensions
    (in mm)
    Internal height
    (in mm)

    1140 x 11409901065 x 1065765Datasheet
    1200 x 8009901130 x 730765Datasheet
    1200 x 10009901120 x 920766Datasheet
    1500 x 11409901430 x 1070790Datasheet