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MegaPack pallet systems


MegaPack pallet systems are solutions consisting of pallets and lids and intended for the transport and storage of small load carriers, stacking boxes and other containers.


Min.  800 x 600 mm
.  1500 x 1140 mm

  • MegaPack Palettensystem 800x600 mit Behältern
  • MegaPack Palettensystem 1240x835 mit HKP-Stapelboxen

Product description

A raised perimeter and special system lid secure the boxes against slippage. MegaPack pallet systems are available in two versions: with a lightweight pallet for storing bulky materials and a stable pallet with integrated steel struts, a closed pallet deck and welded-on injection-molded feet for higher stacking loads. MegaPack pallet systems are available in seven basic dimensions.


  • Closed pallet deck
  • Raised edge of pallet and lid
  • Steel-reinforced pallet (optional)
  • Runners (optional)
  • Load securing through straps (optional)


  • Secure hold of the boxes
  • Stacking without slippage
  • Good load distribution
  • Optimum storage surface
  • Can be used in high-bay warehouses (optional)
MegaPack pallet systems
External dimensions (mm)800x6001000x10001230x8301225x10251225x12251240x8351500x1140
Internal dimensions (mm)760x560970x9701200x8001200x10001200x12001210x8051480x1120
Weight pallet4.0 kg16.0 kg11.5 kg12.0 kg12.5 kg19.0 kg23.5 kg
Weight lid2.5 kg7.0 kg6.5 kg8.0 kg9.0 kg8.5 kg10.0 kg
Injection-molded feetNoYesNoNoNoYesYes
Steel reinforcementOptionalYesOptionalOptionalOptionalYes Yes