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Special packaging

Tailor-made solutions for special requirements.

Are you looking for a packaging with specific properties or for a special solution for the transport of hazardous materials? You are at the right place at SÖHNER Kunststofftechnik. In addition to standard plastics, we also use plastics with special conductivity additives or co-extrusion coating. Together with you, we develop your individual packaging.

ESD-Behälter zum Schutz von empfindlichen elektronischen Produkten

Conductive packaging

For the protection of electrical and electronic components, we offer our packaging solutions in an ESD design. This reliably prevents the generation of electrostatic charges and conducts previously existing charges away in a controlled manner.

Conductive packaging

Folien-Werkstückträger mit ABS/TPU-Beschichtung

Non-abrasive packaging (ABS/TPU)

For the transport of components with sharp edges, such as cogs or piston rings, it is possible to manufacture workpiece carriers and containers from multilayer plastics (e.g. ABS/TPU). Due to very good scratch resistance, the TPU cover layer prevents abrasion from arising due to the possible friction between components in the package and thus the parts from having to be viewed and cleaned again. In addition, the coating increases the chemical resistance of ABS.

Sonderverpackung: Munitionskoffer aus Kunststoff

Hazardous material packaging

We have extensive experience in the development of hazardous material package, for example, for the transport of airbags or munition units. Through a tailor-made construction and the selection of an suitable plastic, we guarantee that your hazardous material will reach its destination without incident. In the development process, we work together with the pertinent certification bodies to guarantee that all requirements are observed.