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Technical molds

Versatile possibilities for all kinds of areas.

Molds made of plastic offer a variety of possibilities. Due to their positive properties, they are increasingly replacing components made of metallic materials in many segments and industries. These properties include the high degree of design freedom, low weight and good corrosion resistance, as well as a high chemical resistance and definable electrical properties.

For you, we manufacture technical plastic molds up to a size of 2500 x 1400 mm.

Automobile components

Technical molds for automotive technology with various coating possibilities, such as lamination, painting or anti-slip surfaces.

  • Inner cladding
  • Side cladding
  • Dashboard/cockpit cladding
  • Steering wheel cladding
  • Partition walls
  • Spoilers
  • Special equipment

Cladding and housings

All kinds of machine cladding and equipment housings made of impact-absorbing materials with good chemical or insulating properties. With separate fastening elements and closing technology, as required.

  • Cladding for pressure systems
  • Cladding for medical equipment
  • Cladding for control system terminals
  • Complete housings for mobile coin counters
  • Housings for dehydration plants
  • Maintenance flaps

Custom solutions

Implementation of customer-specific partial or complete solutions. From conception to delivery to the end customer.


Single-sheet thermoforming
In the single-sheet method, single-walled plastic parts up to a parts size of 2500 x 1400 mm can be manufactured and processed to the point where they are ready for assembly – to be used, for example for the manufacturing of large-area cladding in machine and plant construction.

Twin-sheet thermoforming
Technical molds manufactured in the twin-sheet method offer a very high stability and intrinsic rigidity due to the twin-walled structure. In addition, this manufacturing method makes it possible to screw attachment parts directly into the inside wall without additional adhesive aid and to form insertion parts between the inside and outside wall.


max. 2500 x 1400 mm


Material thickness:
Up to 12 mm