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For all type of containers.

If components need to be transported and stored in a plastic container such as a VDA small load
carrier or a RAKO or EUROTEC container, it makes sense to first place them in a thermoformed insert
which is then placed in the container. Depending on the height of the container, you can stack several
inserts to make use of the available volume.

Standard sizes (in mm):
350 x 250 | 400 x 300 | 400 x 400 | 500 x 400 | 600 x 400 | 800 x 600 | 1000 x 600 | 1200 x 800 | 1200 x 1000 | special sizes on request

Material (with material thickness 0,3 - 2,5 mm):
Electrically conductive (ESD), coated


  • Reliably position of components in the container
  • Maximum volume utilization
  • Easy handling
  • Stackable including rotated 180°
  • Felt lined inserts possible
  • In combination with foam
  • For all conventional types of containers
  • Thermogeformte Behältereinlage 600x400 für Führungskästen
  • Thermogeformte Behälterinlage für Platinen
  • Thermogeformte Behältereinlage gestapelt für Tachonadeln
  • Thermogeformte Behältereinlage für Nockenwellen