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MegaPack pallet system: New size with transport-safe and cost-saving system lid

Söhner Kunststofftechnik GmbH expands its existing MegaPack pallet system by a new size. Now, the packaging solution for small-load carriers, stacking boxes and containers, consisting of a pallet and lid, is now available in dimensions 800 x 600 mm and thus in a total of seven dimensions. The special feature of this new development is a versatile system lid that saves costs and guarantees more transport safety.

While lids for small-load carriers have been absolutely necessary for a safe transport when a pallet system is used, the MegaPack pallet system 800 x 600 mm does not require these additional loose parts. A special recess in the bottom of the system lid lets the small-load carrier dip in deep enough that the container lid of the small-load carrier is no longer needed. The pallet system holds up to eight containers (200 x 300 mm) per layer. For this reason, costs may considerably reduce depending on the extent of the transport and size of the small-load carriers.

The system lid also scores points in regard to transport safety. If individual lids are lost over time, possibly resulting in damage to the load, the system lid of Söhner Kunststofftechnik GmbH guarantees a safe shipment. Ultimately, fragile and sensitive products should always arrive undamaged at their destination.

The top of the system lid is manufactured in such a way that the next unit fits without slipping – four corner profiles provide an optimum seat. A 15mm-high pallet edge guarantees that the load carriers cannot move.

The pallet systems have an extremely long service life and a high stacking load since they have been manufactured using the twin-sheet method. This special double-walled structure guarantees an excellent rigidity at a low tare weight of 6.5 kg (pallet = 4 kg / lid = 2.5 kg). In the process, the load units are stackable and provide an optimum support surface and a good load distribution – in this way, expensive payload space can be used the best way possible. The pallet can be driven under on four sides and is suited for all common lifting trucks and fork lifts.