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Two in one: New workpiece carrier concept guarantees more flexibility in automated logistics processes

Basic workpiece carrier with parts-specific changeover insert.

Basic workpiece carrier with parts-specific changeover insert for higher flexbility.

The new workpiece carrier concept of Söhner Kunststofftechnik consists of two products: a stable basic workpiece carrier, e.g., in the size 400 x 600 mm, manufactured in the twin-sheet method and a parts-specific changeover insert. This combination stands for a safe transport and high flexibility in automated logistics processes.

The inlay guarantees a precisely fitting accommodation of the parts and can be exchanged any number of times, while the basic workpiece carrier can remain in use for years and guarantees the optimum protection of the shipping goods and/or automation-capability of the carrier. The workpiece carrier with inlay can reduce the logistics costs in regard to the increasingly shorter product life cycles and a rising requirement for small batch manufacturing.

Due to a special manufacturing method, the twin-sheet workpiece carrier obtains its enormous robustness and gains the prerequisite to be used in automated logistics: Two tools are used to implement a twin-walled structure that enables different forming on the top and bottom. In the process, the top of the workpiece carrier is not, as otherwise usual, cut to a specific shape for the respective parts, but rather remains smooth for the ideal accommodation of the inlay. Simple slits make it possible to fix the inlays into place. Due to the new workpiece carrier concept, costs for the more stable, but more expensive twin-sheet workpiece carrier are incurred only once. The manufacturing of the inlays is more affordable as only one tool is required and lower material costs arise.

The handling of the workpiece carrier concept is uncomplicated. Here, the user simply clips the inlay into the twin-sheet workpiece carrier. The inlay can be exchanged at any time for the transport of other parts. This combination is not a standard product. Both containers are individually manufactured according to customer specifications and requirements in order to guarantee an optimum positioning of the transport goods and problem-free use.