Special Terminology from A to Z

Succinct explanations of special terminology

Our glossary gives you quick, convenient definitions on a multitude of special terms and abbreviations related to transport and packaging logistics. The list is regularly updated and expanded to make sure it covers the most recent trends.




Antistatic packaging materials minimize the static energy that is created through friction. When little or no static charges are created, there won’t be any or only very small discharges.



Blister packaging

A blister packaging is a dimensionally stable, clear plastic packaging. It is mainly used for household goods and small electrical appliances.

Block storage

Block storage in warehousing refers to a warehouse where stackable load carriers are stacked on top of or next to each other in blocks, as respectively necessary, without shelves or any other equipment.



Corrosion protection

Corrosion occurs when metal reacts with the oxygen and water in the air. The result is corrosion damage such as rust. Many plastics are corrosion-resistant and are perfectly suited for packaging metal components. Additional protection is provided by desiccants or VCI.



Electrically conductive

With the addition of carbon (soot), plastics become conductive. This enables them to quickly conduct electrical charges. The duration of the discharge particularly depends on the surface resistance. For conductive plastics, it is in the range of 102 Ω and 105 Ω.


ESD stands for electrostatic discharge. When transporting electronic components, an electrostatic discharge can lead to irreversible damage.

ESD packaging

ESD packaging is a special protective packaging that protects sensitive electronic components from hazardous electrostatic discharges. ESD packaging is recognizable by the symbols on the packaging.


Stackable containers which are exactly dimensioned to fit euro pallets. We offer suitable carrier systems for transporting such containers as a loading unit comprising pallet and lid.



Folding container

Foldable and collapsible containers are specially designed in that they save about 70 – 80 percent of their volume when empty. They thus considerably help reduce costs during the return transport.

Folding sleeve

Is a foldable container casing used in the MegaPack folding systems. Thanks to hinges, the sleeve can be folded down to save space and thus reduces volume during empty return transport and storage.



Hazardous goods packaging

Packaging that is specially developed for the transport of hazardous goods. Every hazardous goods packaging must be approved by the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM).


HDPE stands for high-density polyethylene. Polyethylene is a semi-crystalline, thermoplastic material which is produced by polymerizing ethylene. Since it's highly stable and robust, this plastic is well suited for pallet and load carrier production.


Die Abkürzung ESD steht für electrostatic discharge, zu Deutsch "elektrostatische Entladung". Beim Transport elektronischer Bauteile kann so eine Entladung zu irreversiblen Schäden führen.


HDPE steht für Hart-Polyethylen. Polyethylen ist ein durch Polymerisation von Ethen hergestellter, teilkristalliner, thermoplastischer Kunststoff. Durch seine hohe Stabilität und Widerstandsfähigkeit eignet sich dieser Kunststoff hervorragend zur Herstellung von Paletten und Ladungsträgern.



Intelligent packaging solutions

Intelligent packaging offers the user added value by providing additional information, such as background info or quality status of the packaged goods. This is done by integrating indicators, RFID chips or barcodes.



Large load carrier

Large load carriers are stable, returnable containers measuring 600 x 400 mm or larger. The most frequently used dimensions are the international standards of 1200 x 800 mm and 1200 x 1000 mm.

Load carrier

A load carrier is a load-supporting packaging solution which enables goods to be combined into a load unit. Load carriers particularly include transport aids such as pallets, containers or large load carriers.




A MegaPack is a foldable, large load carrier produced in a twin-sheet thermoforming process, also called pallet box or pallet container.




The generic term packaging refers to the covering of packaged goods for protection, storage, transport and general physical manipulation as well as marketing purposes. Packaging consists of packaging means and packaging aids.

Packing density

Packing density refers to the ratio between the volume provided and the packaging's volume that is actually being used. Always striving to have optimum packing density is recommended.


A pallet is a loading platform with or without frame on top, into or onto which the goods can be loaded or stacked. Pallets have a base or skids which allow forklifts or lifting trucks to slide their lifting arms underneath, and lift, transport and stack them.

Pallet box

See large load carrier


The maximum load weight of a load carrier.

PP trilaminate

Similar to twin-wall sheets, these are boards made of lightweight, multi-layer material. It is specially designed with two smooth cover layers and a structural layer in the middle. It gives the trilaminate high compression strength, yet also makes it lightweight. By default, a trilaminate board is approximately 10 mm thick and weighs 3,000 g/m². Our folding sleeves are made of this material.

PP twin-wall sheets

Twin-wall sheets are lightweight, multi-wall sheets made of extruded polypropylene material. Compared to solid fiber board or corrugated cardboard, they are moisture-proof, dust- and lint-free and can be reused multiple times. Twin-wall sheets are used in the production of lightweight packaging components such as mesh box linings, compartments or interlayers .



Rent MegaPack

Söhner Kunststofftechnik has bundled its container rental offering under Rent MegaPack. Instead of buying, customers can rent selected large load carriers for a certain period of time.

Return sleeve

A return sleeve is an additional container sleeve attached to a pallet. It ensures that space for internal packaging remains available in the folded container. Compartments or interlayers can thus be stored and transported. MegaPack GAMMA has a return sleeve option.

Returning empties

When empty load carriers are returned, they include pallets, lids and sleeves packed up in a space-saving manner.


Stands for Radio Frequency Identification and refers to a technology for sender-receiver systems for the automatic and non-contact reading and storage of data using radio waves. RFID transponders can also be integrated into the packaging systems to ensure that important information is available and retrievable at any time.



Sea container

Sea containers, also called sea-freight container or ISO container, are standardized large steel containers. They are used in intercontinental sea traffic. The most frequently used containers have a width of 8 feet and are either 20 or 40 feet long.

Single-sheet thermoforming

During single-sheet thermoforming, a plastic board is heated up and pulled into a tool using vacuum. The process allows for nearly unlimited customization with regard to design, material and form size.

Single-use packaging

Packaging which can be used only once and cannot be reused.

Small load carrier

Small load carriers are load carriers with a footprint of up to 600 x 400 mm up to a height of 320 mm.

Stack & nest containers

Stack & nest containers are plastic transport or storage containers. When empty, the containers can be nested inside each other which results in reduced volume. To achieve this, the container on top is horizontally turned 180 degrees.

Stacking boxes

Thanks to their stable edges, these boxes can be stacked on top of each other without sliding off. Plastic stacking boxes are used for sorting, storing and transporting goods.

Stacking frame

A plastic frame measuring 1200 x 800 mm which is placed on a wooden euro pallet and provides storage space.

Stacking load

Maximum load that can be placed on the packaging or the load carrier from the top. Our values refer to a dynamic stacking load and include a safety factor.

Stanchion or stake rack

Stanchion or stake racks are robust, long-lasting welded steel structures. As an alternative to pallets and mesh boxes, they are particularly suited for transporting heavy or bulky goods. In combination with plastic interlayers, it is possible to design modern packaging systems which are, for example, also suitable for automated handling.



Transport packaging

Transport packaging is primarily used for transporting goods.


Unlike the single-sheet process, two plastic sheets are heated, shaped and molded together in a single process in the twin-sheet thermoforming. The sandwich-like structure that is created is much more rigid even though the same materials are used. In addition, the twin-sheet process makes it possible to give the top and bottom sides different forms and colours.



Upsetting pressure test

During an upsetting pressure test, the stacking loads of a load carrier that occur in block storage are simulated. The test is usually carried out several times at different temperatures to test the load carrier under normal, hot and cold conditions.



Volume reduction

Volume reduction refers to the space-saving process during storage and transport achieved by folding of packaging and load carriers. We always try to achieve maximum savings for our customers.



Workpiece carrier

A workpiece carrier is a load carrier on which one or more components are stored so they can be transported along a production line by a conveyor system. They are developed and produced individually for every component.

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