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Waste management requirements

The buzzwords circular economy and recycling are not new, but they are more important than ever. To reduce waste and thus protect our environment, recyclable materials from industrial companies are reintroduced into the material cycle through internal recycling processes – or prepared for professional external recycling by being sorted by material. The direct separation of different waste types is required by German law under the Circular Economy Act (Kreislaufwirtschaftsgesetz – KrWG) . Effective separation of recyclables requires suitable containers for transport and temporary storage.

Are you a company with in-house recycling, a waste management service provider, or a recycling company? Then our recycling bins and sleeves the ideal solution for you. The containers are individually adapted to your needs by our in-house design department. We pay attention to aspects for everyday use, such as container labelling for different recyclables, foldability for volume-reduced empties storage or suitability for conveyor belts or forklifts. For individual advice, please contact us by email or telephone.




Millions of tons
– this is the annual volume of waste in Germany, according to the Federal Office for the Environment



Solutions for packaging waste & lightweight recyclables

We offer various solutions for collecting light recyclables or packaging waste. Large load carriers with sleeves made of PP twin-wall sheets, pallet frames or plastic containers are practical for storing packaging waste such as cardboard boxes, film, outer packaging or bulk material. The removable lid makes filling very easy. The containers are stackable and can even be filled while stacked thanks to their loading flap. We offer optional accessories such as castors for easy movement or devices for forklift rotator handling. Also very bespoke solutions such as a load carrier with lid and opening (e.g. for PET bottles) or various separation options from simple interlayers to interior constructions, inserts or textile bags (to separate recyclable materials within the container) are all part of our repertoire.


Solutions for heavy recyclables

Collecting heavy waste and large bulk materials such as metal or wood scraps, requires something more substantial than a sleeve made of twin-wall sheets. In this case, we also offer sleeves and load carriers in a more robust, deep-drawn HDPE version. These have all the advantages of the lighter variants with added robustness. Possible areas of use include industrial plants, recycling companies or for transporting collected waste from recycling centres. We also offer optional accessories such as castors, rotary stacking devices or labels for our deep-drawn load carriers. To further increase the containers’ stability, we can equip them with metal struts. We can easily design the containers in different colours (e.g. depending on the recyclable material). The interior can also be customised.


Solutions for hazardous waste and hazardous substances

For the disposal of hazardous waste such as used batteries, fluorescent tubes, spray paint cans or electrical waste in general, the ADR requires special hazardous goods containers. Our solution for transporting hazardous waste is UN-certified large load carriers. These UN containers are based on our MegaPack JUMBO large load carriers – so they are very robust. Our hazardous goods containers can be made even more stable with steel reinforcements . The individual design of pallets, lids and sleeves allows us to adapt the container perfectly to the waste disposal company’s conditions or for transporting it to the company by sea, road or rail. The inner packaging can be adapted to the transported goods to protect against leakage or fire, for example.

Söhner solutions for waste management




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