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Are you looking for customized transport packaging or an individual packaging solution for your product? Then Söhner Kunststofftechnik is the right place for you. For over 50 years, we have focused on developing and manufacturing plastic packaging that is tailored precisely to customer-specific storage and transport process requirements. 

Our packaging development process doesn't just look at the product to be packaged: we take a close look at your entire logistics cycle. For this, we gather all the relevant information. Besides product data, this could include information on handling, transport routes or identification technology, for example. Ecological aspects such as recyclability and resource conservation are always integrated into our packaging development as well. Because we don’t just want to meet your requirements, we want to offer you the perfect solution. A packaging solution that makes your processes more efficient, economical and sustainable


From the idea to the 3D model


Quickly shaping your idea


Sample nests and prototypes

To implement a good idea in a tailor-made product, extensive experience, technical knowledge, the latest technology and, in particularly, a problem-free interaction of departments are required. At our company, project managers and development engineers work together closely and develop the requirement profile for your packaging with you. Here, for example, the selection of suitable plastics or the technical requirements in regard to product geometry and materials are defined. After that, we create a technical drawing of the packaging layout for you. We generate this data with modern CAD programs, such as Inventor, Catia V5, Siemens NX or SolidWorks.

Let us advise you. We will find the right packaging solution for your product!

During development, we pay attention to the following properties, among others:

  • Optimal product protection
  • High packing density and volume utilization
  • Easy handling
  • Maximum volume reduction
  • Reusability
  • Very high recyclability
  • Lowest possible use of materials


work every day with cutting-edge CAD programs to design your packaging solution.

A plastic part is always only as good as the mold from which it was manufactured. For this reason, we have our own in-house mold construction department equipped with state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology and machines for mold manufacturing. A total of six CNC-controlled processing centers in which aluminum molds up to a size of 3000 x 2000 mm and a weight of 2 tons can be processed are available. The great advantage for you: Due to the short distances between the Design Engineering and Mold Construction Departments, ideas can be implemented quickly and adaptations can be performed at any time. Our services in the area of mold construction range from the fabrication of prototypes and samples and the manufacturing of testing, preproduction and serial molds for thermoforming to the preparation of all kinds of devices and equipment.


is the maximum length
of an aluminum tool in our tool manufacturing unit.

Before a packaging solution in the form of a workpiece carrier, container or other transport packaging goes into series production, a team consisting of a designer and toolmaker will first create a prototype or initial sample for you based on the developed model. Individual designs can be tested for their suitability in regard to your daily processes and use and requirements on size, shape, stability, functionality and handling can be checked. Any existing defects or faults can thus be recognized and eliminated early, the development time can be shortened and possible follow-up costs can be prevented.

Phase 1: Draft

Development of a 2D/3D CAD model based on CAD drawings from the customer or a prototype of the product to be packaged.

Phase 2: Pattern nest

Creation of an individual pattern nest for checking the nest geometry, using a 3D printer, among other methods.

Phase 3: Prototype / sample

Creation of the serial mold and a prototype/serial sample that is ready for serial production.

Phase 4: Serial production

Possible post-processing of the mold with subsequent serial production.

Phase 5: Documentation

Using the workpiece carrier with tolerance specifications for automation as an example.


of your questions
can be clarified with a prototype or an initial sample of a series.

Packaging development and production


Selecting the right manufacturing process is also key to the perfect packaging development. With thermoforming, twin-wall sheet processing and 3D printing, we have three processes that each offer different strengths. The optimum technology is chosen depending on the packaging’s individual requirements and defined properties. For example, twin-wall sheet processing is suitable for lightweight transport packaging, while large load carriers and workpiece carriers are produced using thermoforming. You, too, can benefit from our technological capabilities and expert knowledge. Let us advise you. 

Request your packaging development now
We would be delighted to develop the perfect plastic packaging solution for you.


Whether you are planning to introduce a new product or replacing your existing transport packaging, we are here to support you through the packaging development process to find the best solution for your individual requirements.

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