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MegaPack BETA

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Technical data

MegaPack BETA combines the volume-reduced return of empty containers with time and space saving handling. The pallet, which has a raised edge, lets you store the foldable sleeve between the pallet and lid. It can thus be set up and disassembled in seconds. For non-slipping transport, the lid drops into the pallet. MegaPack BETA is available in three basic dimensions: 1230 × 830 mm, 1225 × 1025 mm and 1600 × 1200 mm.

Min. 1230 × 830 mm
Max. 1800 × 800 mm

Max. stacking load: 500 kg
Max. payload: 350 kg


Pallet: HDPE
Option: ESD

Option: ESD

Folding sleeve: PP trilaminate
Option: PP twin wall panels



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Folding and Stacking


Step 01
For storage and return of MegaPack BETA, first the lid is removed and the sleeve is folded.

Step 02
Then the folded sleeve is placed in the center of the pallet and the lid is replaced.




Step 03
The folded containers can be stacked on top of each other as individual loading units.

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Size chart

External dimensions


Internal dimensions

Internal height

Data sheet

1230 × 8309051150 × 750703 
1225 × 10259901150 × 950794 
1600 × 12009901540 × 1142764 
1800 × 8008001720 × 720604 

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MegaPack BETA UK

MegaPack BETA

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Optional equipment

The MegaPack folding systems can be adapted to the respective requirements on site through a number of optional equipment possibilities.

MegaPack Inner packaging

Tailored inner packaging in the form of compartments, inserts and dividers permit an effective utilization of space and lead to optimum pack densities.


Accessories for load carriers

Whether mesh boxes, euro pallets or containers: we supply useful accessories such as linings, intermediate layers and stacking frames.

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