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load carriers

Optimize the functionality of your load carriers

Be it pallet cages, pallets, or large load carriers: we have the right accessories. Our cage pallet linings, pallet sleeves, and interlayers help you extend the functionality of your load carriers. Your products are protected from dust, dirt, and splashing water – and from prying eyes. All accessory products are extremely easy to use: interlayers and pallet cages are inserted, the sleeve is simply placed on a Euro pallet.

Cage pallet linings

Expand the purpose of your cage pallets



Carrier plates and layer pads


Pallet sleeves

For safe storage and transport


Accessories for load carriers made of PP twin-wall sheets and plastic solid material

We produce our accessories for load carriers both from lightweight polypropylene twin-wall sheets and from solid material. Packaging accessories made of twin-wall sheets offer high strength, low dead weight, and moisture- and dirt-repellent properties. It is an ideal alternative to corrugated cardboard packaging. Examples of twin-wall sheet accessories are interlayers and cage pallet linings. Accessories made of solid material boast a high level of robustness, stability, and durability. They are often used in conjunction with load carriers, such as returnable boxes and pallets. This includes our EuroSleeve HEAVY pallet sleeve.

Interlayers for layer formation in load carriers and containers

Interlayers made of plastic (PP twin-wall sheets) make it easy to stack components securely for transport. In a load carrier or pallet cage, they ensure even weight distribution, good utilization, and increased stability. The risk of damage to the packaged goods is reduced. Our interlayers are available as accessories in different dimensions, grammages, and colors. When used in combination with foam strips, interlayers are also suitable for transporting surface-sensitive parts. One plastic interlayer worth particular mention is the anti-slip layer pad for pallets, which has a frame profile and a rough surface. The layer pad prevents a pallet load from slipping during transport.

EuroSleeve pallet sleeves turn pallets into large-volume load carriers

Our EuroSleeve pallet sleeves are a practical accessory and suitable for encasing Euro pallets. The sleeves are placed on wooden pallets without additional fastening material and create a volume of approx. 600 – 650 liters. This allows larger quantities of products to be stored and transported on one pallet. When the pallet sleeves are not needed, they can be folded to reduce volume and thus take up little storage space. There are two versions of pallet sleeve available: EuroSleeve HEAVY for heavy industrial goods and EuroSleeve Light for lightweight commercial goods.

Cage pallet linings made of twin-wall sheets: improve the use of your pallet cages

As well as accessories for large load carriers, containers, and Euro pallets, we also produce suitable accessories for conventional steel pallet cages. Our cage pallet linings convert an open load carrier into an enclosed packaging solution. The packaged goods are protected from dust, dirt, and moisture, and prevented from falling out of the pallet cage. Prying eyes are also kept at bay. Our plastic cage pallet linings have a loading flap for quick, ergonomic loading. If the linings are not needed, they can be folded and stored in a box to save space. Returnable and recyclable, they extend the functionality of the pallet cage while also protecting the environment.

Plastic packaging from Söhner Kunststofftechnik – buy accessories for load carriers direct from the manufacturer

In our more than 50-year company history, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner for plastic packaging and matching accessories. Benefit from our expertise: place your trust going forward in our interlayers, cage pallet linings, and pallet sleeves. On request we can of course offer numerous individual customizations, such as a color design, labeling, and printing. Simply get in touch and we will provide you with comprehensive advice.

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