Plastic dividers

Divide and separate components securely with plastic dividers

To be able to store, ship, and transport delicate and fragile goods securely, a well thought-out packaging solution is required. Dividers are clever packaging separators that prevent components from touching each other and being damaged during transport. The interlocking plastic compartments are flexible yet stable and can cushion external impacts. In addition, they provide improved stackability and stabilization of the packaging in which they are used. We produce our divider solutions in numerous variants as well as custom-made – adapted to your individual requirements.


For expert packing and separation



To accommodate and fix parts in the container


To increase order and clarity: plastic dividers

Plastic dividers are individual solutions made of polypropylene twin-wall sheets that divide packaging into individual compartments. Separation allows the insertion of parts and components in a clear and orderly manner. The packaged goods are also protected from damage (e.g. scratches) during transport. They can be folding, loose, permanently connected, or welded. The dividers can also be constructed with or without frames and finished with colors, printing, and lamination. We manufacture plastic dividers in all dimensions and for containers, stacking boxes, large load carriers, and pallet cages.

Compared with compartment inserts made of corrugated cardboard or cardboard, our plastic solutions offer several advantages: they are more stable, moisture-resistant, resistant to oils, greases, and solvents, abrasion-resistant, and easy to clean. They are ideal for industrial use and as returnable packaging in an environmentally friendly container cycle.

Plastic dividers as container inserts

For secure positioning and fixing of lightweight components within a larger outer packaging, such as a Euro container or a large load carrier, we also offer dividers as special container inserts. These are completely individually designed and, similar to deep-drawn workpiece carriers, have component-specific receptacles. They therefore guarantee the best-possible protection in a load carrier. For the transport of particularly delicate products as well as painted and coated parts, container inserts made of PP twin-wall sheets can also be combined with foam, fleece, and textile materials.

The divider tray: compartment insert and container in one

The divider tray is a special solution made of PP twin-wall sheets. It is a stacking container and compartment insert in one and can be used both with and without outer packaging. A welded construction of the compartments, frame, and base, as well as additional grip holes, enables easy handling. At the same time, the permanent connection means that no components of the transport packaging can be lost.

Customized separation solutions for you

We develop and manufacture individual dividers for different applications and customers. It doesn't matter whether you need individual compartment inserts or complete systems, whether you want to divide a small load carrier or a large load carrier, or whether it's a component or a finished product – we turn your requirements into functioning plastic transport packaging. For example, we can also supply you with conductive ESD dividers for electronic components and container inserts with corrosion protection for metal parts.

For secure separation: rely on flexible plastic dividers from Söhner Kunststofftechnik

For over 50 years, the name Söhner Kunststofftechnik has stood for high-quality plastic transport packaging and packaging solutions. Trust in our expertise and get in touch so that we can plan your individual plastic dividers together. Send us an e-mail or give us a call.

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