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Precisely fitting workpiece carriers: secure transport & optimized manufacturing processes

Thermoformed load carriers are the optimum solution for transporting, handling, storing, and picking parts and components. In the form of workpiece carriers (or trays), interlayers, and inlays or inserts, they arrange and protect the workpieces and enable both manual and automated handling on modern production lines – regardless of the size, shape, and weight of the parts. That’s because every workpiece carrier is tailor-made.

Workpiece carriers

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Workpiece carriers

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Workpiece carriers

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Workpiece carriers for manual and automated handling

Thermoformed plastic workpiece carriers provide all the prerequisites for functioning material flow. The trays are individually designed and can be adapted to manual operations as well as automated manufacturing and assembly processes. Component-specific receptacles guarantee a secure hold of the workpieces and a high packing density within transport packaging. The precise molding of the workpiece carrier inlay and a stable frame design with positioning and coding options also ensure that parts can be easily removed in automation. Thanks to different thermoforming processes, we are able to manufacture precision-fit workpiece carriers for light, medium-weight, and heavy parts.

Interlayers that provide stability and security

Plastic interlayers ensure the secure transport of components and assemblies at several levels. For this purpose, the special workpiece carriers not only have precisely fitting and form-fitting component nests, but their underside is also precisely adapted to the workpiece to be transported. The design is necessary because the stacking is usually done via the components themselves. A deep-drawn interlayer acts as a base and lid, so to speak. Moreover, it can be developed for any transport system: large load carriers, pallets, and stake racks. Depending on requirements, we manufacture interlayers using single-sheet or twin-sheet thermoforming.

Thermoformed inlays and inserts for containers

Product-specific container inlays and container inserts, also manufactured using the thermoforming process, provide space-saving, secure, and sorted storage for workpieces. Slipping or bumping of components in the container is prevented by the precision-fit receptacles and damage during storage and transport is reduced. We manufacture the inserts for all common container types, from small load carriers (KLT boxes) to Euro containers. They can be adapted to on-site handling and processing in the same way as other thermoformed transport packaging.

Our accessories turn workpiece carriers into transport packaging

With the right accessories, thermoformed load carriers can form efficient plastic transport packaging. A transport roller, for example, facilitates manual internal transport. With a base pallet and an end cover – as offered by our MegaPack pallet system – stable, transport-safe packaging units can be formed. And the stack bases allow the workpiece carriers to be lifted in stacks. In this way, they ensure the first step in an automated production system: the introduction to a palletizing system or a tray stacker. Further accessories are available on request.

Söhner Kunststofftechnik is your partner for plastic transport packaging

We have been a reliable partner in the development and production of plastic transport packaging and packaging solutions for over 50 years. Benefit from our expertise in handling plastics and put your trust in our workpiece carriers. We will be happy to advise you and go through all the steps with you, from planning and design to series production – send us an e-mail or give us a call.

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