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Environmental and climate protection is a key challenge of our time. Packaging is therefore increasingly being evaluated from a sustainability perspective. This means, for example, less waste, lower greenhouse gases, lower overall costs and higher added value. This also particularly applies to plastic packaging intended for logistics cycles, such as large load carriers and transport containers.

To achieve these goals, you need to take a holistic view of your packaging – from production to recycling. Only when all influencing factors and emission sources are known can concrete optimisation measures for improved sustainability be derived and climate-neutral packaging produced for the long term. Use our calculation tools to determine the CO2 footprint and total cost of ownership (TCO) of your plastic transport packaging.

carbon footprint calculator

We use FRED (Footprint REDuction Tool) to determine the exact CO2 footprint of your plastic packaging during production. We model the entire manufacturing process from raw material extraction to extrusion and thermoforming. The various transportation routes between processors are also taken into account. This results in an emissions statement for your packaging according to its process steps (hotspot analysis) and by emissions scope (1 to 3). We can also show you further ways to reduce your emissions and simulate this using the tool. For example, how does the CO2 footprint change if the material thickness is reduced or if it is changed from virgin material to reclaimed material or bioplastics? The question of how to produce climate-neutral packaging can also be answered. FRED is validated in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14067 and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

Calculating your packaging’s CO2 emissions (PCF)

Analysis and simulation options

Recommendations for sustainable packaging development

* FRED is an online calculation tool initiated by Germany’s Solid Forming Industry Association (Industrieverband Massivumformung, IMU) and developed by the supplier industry. TecPart – the Association of Technical Plastic Products – is now also part of the project.

TCO & CO2 Guide
Total cost calculation for large load carriers

Choosing the right large load carrier saves money while also protecting the climate. But which load carrier is the right one for you and your logistics? We have developed the Söhner TCO & CO2 Guide to answer this question. The tool supports you in your decision-making process by calculating the total cost of ownership (TCO) including freight costs over the entire life cycle of a MegaPack large load carrier. At the same time, it calculates the ecological footprint of transporting it. The results can then be compared with various alternative packaging solutions. You can see at a glance how investment and total costs relate to each other, what potential savings can be made in freight and repair costs, and how far emissions can be reduced.

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If you would like to find out more about the ecological footprint of your plastic packaging or the costs of a large load carrier, we will be happy to help you with the calculation tools.

CO2 & TCO form

CO2 & TCO form

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