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As a logistics service provider, shipper or freight company, you help customers ship and store goods. You are aware of the ever-increasing requirements for on-time deliveries, minimal product damage and an economical transport from your daily business. And you are looking for packaging that helps you meet your targets and develop your business. Then Söhner Kunststofftechnik is the right company for you. Our foldable, returnable plastic packaging lets you fully utilize your means of transport, such as trucks or containers, while saving a lot of space and thus also significant costs when you return the folded empty packaging.



Our MegaPack F-GIBOX compared to a standard steel pallet cage.




The MegaPack large load carriers come in all the usual Euro pallet dimensions, from 800 x 600 mm to 1200 x 1000 mm and many other special sizes. This is how they ensure optimal space utilization when goods are transported. For storing and returning empty load carriers, the pallet boxes can be folded up together to save space. Depending on the box, up to 85 percent volume reduction can be achieved. For example, even though you would still need five trucks to deliver the goods, returning the empty load carriers would only take one truck. This saves precious storage space and substantial transport costs. Equipped with bar codes or RFID chips, large load carriers also fulfill all requirements to enable modern information retrieval and traceability through digital systems.



In addition to container systems for truck transport, we also produce large load carriers for transport in sea freight containers. We specifically adjusted the carrier dimensions to the interior dimensions of the containers. This facilitates up to 90 percent capacity utilization in a 40-foot container, making expensive load-securing measures unnecessary. Moreover, the MegaPack JUMBO has a unique, extremely robust plastic ring. Unlike cardboard or wood packaging, it easily withstands harsh climatic conditions and strong mechanical loads at sea and offers consistently high product protection throughout the entire transport. Our plastic packaging also does not need to be heat-treated in international traffic such as is the case for wood packaging.

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