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Although oxygen and water are vital for humans, metal parts must be protected from them. This is because a chemical reaction, corrosion, occurs between a metal, oxygen and moisture from the environment, and the material deteriorates. The best-known example of corrosion is rust. This occurs when iron or steel oxidize in combination with these other elements.

How quickly a metal component rusts depends on various influences, such as temperature, humidity or the amount of pollutants. But one thing is certain: corrosion is permanent and can lead to damage after just a few hours. That is why it is important that metal parts are protected throughout the production process, storage and transport.

And this is where we can help. With customized plastic corrosion protection packaging, we can ensure that any components susceptible to rust reach their destination without any loss of quality or function. We implement corrosion protection in our packaging solutions using three methods: desiccants, VCI and INTERCEPT®.

Moisture absorption
prevents corrosion

Universal use

Easy disposal

Protection against corrosion through inhibitors

Highly effective

Easy replacement

No residues

High-tech corrosion protection for metals and other materials

Protection in the material



Benefits for you with corrosion protection packaging

Metal parts in particular, but also components made of other materials, should be protected from corrosion during manufacture, storage and transport. This is best achieved with special corrosion protection packaging, which prevents the material from reacting with moisture and oxygen. The goods no longer have to be laboriously smeared with protective oil or wax and then recleaned. To ensure effective corrosion protection for our packaging solutions, such as transport containers and load carriers, we use two modern solutions: VCI and Intercept®. Both the VCI active ingredients and the copper particles in the Intercept® material are long-lasting and are therefore ideal for a reusable container or packaging cycle.

Effective corrosion protection
(up to 15 years)

Streamlined handling and packaging processes

Improved packaging density

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