360° All-round service
for your packaging

Our service promise

We see ourselves as a competent and reliable partner. Our entire range of services is fully available to you day after day – starting with development and design engineering, followed by prototype and mold construction, to serial production with complex subassembly mounting and recycling of your used packaging. We consider the development of new solutions to be a challenge and constant incentive for improvement.


Our qualities are: extensive experience, technical knowledge and a problem-free interaction of departments.

Mold construction

We have our own in-house mold construction department equipped with state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology and machines.


Before any type of packaging enters serial production, our design engineer create a prototype or initial sample for you.

Packaging tests

Upon request, recognized testing methods can be performed such as e.g. upsetting pressure test or test of the bottom sag.


We rely on consistent recycling, both in regard to production remainders and used products.

Rental service

With Rent MegaPack, we provide you with the opportunity of leasing our MegaPack folding systems instead of buying them.

Innovative Packaging Solutions

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