Returnable boxes

Returnable boxes for storage and transport of lightweight products

Our returnable boxes allow lightweight products to be kept, stored, and transported securely in a dust-free manner without incurring damage. The plastic boxes are made of lightweight polypropylene twin-wall sheets and boast a low dead weight together with high strength and stability. They can also be customized to meet the needs and requirements of your products and processes.

Folding boxes

Individual and fast way to the right packaging


Stacking boxes

Practical boxes for storage and transporting


Clothing box

Safe and crease-free transportation of clothing


Light load carriers

Special load carriers made of lightweight twin wall panels


The advantages of practical and returnable plastic boxes

Returnable plastic boxes are the alternative to packaging made of cardboard or corrugated cardboard. They have a higher resistance to tearing and buckling and are resistant to moisture. Unlike cartons and cardboard boxes, they are suitable for long-term use – even outdoors. Thus, it is not uncommon for stacking boxes, folding boxes, and lightweight load carriers to be used for many years. All of our plastic returnable boxes are made from single-grade materials and are 100% recyclable. They thus help conserve resources and avoid waste, while promoting an environmentally friendly future as a sustainable packaging solution.

Folding plastic boxes: ideal for sending small items and spare parts

Folding plastic boxes are ideal for transporting small items and spare parts, product samples, and other small packaged goods. As a rule, they are a one-piece construction and are assembled and closed by means of flaps. Since the folding boxes are delivered lying flat, they save space during transport and storage. Like all returnable boxes, folding boxes can be recycled at the end of their useful life and can be returned to the material cycle. They are available standardized according to FEFCO code and also as individual packaging solutions according to customer specifications. We are also happy to produce plastic sample boxes for you.

Individual stacking boxes: secure storage for bulk materials and general cargo

If goods no longer fit into injection-molded standard containers due to their size or shape, this is where stacking boxes made of PP twin-wall sheets come in. Stackable, returnable boxes can be manufactured in almost any dimensions, have a low dead weight, and can accommodate a load of up to 2 metric tons (depending on the design). Stacking profiles made of plastic or aluminum ensure safe stacking for transport. Our individual stacking boxes are suitable as they are for transporting bulk materials; with interior extra features such as dividers and foam strips they can be used for delicate general cargo.

Polypropylene moving boxes – and their advantages over cardboard boxes

With plastic moving boxes, you can rely on environmentally friendly, returnable packaging and a sustainable alternative to conventional moving boxes. While cardboard boxes must not get wet or damp during moving or storage, this is not a problem for our plastic boxes. Made of polypropylene, the boxes are resistant to moisture. This means that they are not only more resistant, they can be used again and again and they last longer. As well as conventional moving boxes, our range also includes moving wardrobe boxes. We also produce custom solutions.

Precisely fitting lightweight load carriers for light components

Small parts and sensitive components are transported most safely when they are fixed in packaging. In addition to deep-drawn workpiece carriers, this is best achieved with lightweight load carriers made of PP twin-wall sheets. The special returnable boxes have a component-specific interior in the form of plastic inserts, foam inlays, or other features. This ensures that the parts are held securely and are optimally positioned. Each lightweight load carrier is individually designed and tailor-made.

Söhner Kunststofftechnik is your partner for returnable plastic boxes

Be it folding boxes, lightweight load carriers, moving boxes, or stacking boxes – with all our returnable boxes you benefit from our more than 50 years of expertise in the production of plastic packaging. We will be happy to help you with the planning and advise you in detail. Just give us a call or send us an e-mail.

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