Old becomes new

Old becomes new

Environmental protection and the conservation of natural resources are a permanent component of our company values. In addition to certified management processes according to DIN EN ISO 14001 and DIN EN ISO 50001, we rely on consistent recycling, both in regard to production remainders and used products. Production is of particular significance here because our plastic solutions are created from varietally pure materials and are thus completely recyclable. We are thus happy to take back used products and recycle them. In this recycling process, the plastic packaging is sorted, crushed, washed and dried and then re-extruded into slabs. An important, high-quality secondary raw material is created in this manner. This material can be used to produce new products.

Please support us by checking the products for soilings and if necessary remove coarse dirt and labels. This would facilitate the process and benefit the environment.

Contact us, we are happy to help.


of residual plastic
we recycle on an average day from production and old packaging.

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