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Separator systems
increase safety and
keep processes running

Many of today's diseases, including influenza and the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, are transmitted via droplets and aerosols. The pathogens become airborne mainly through coughing and sneezing, but also through speaking and laughing, and are subsequently inhaled by other people. Transmission can also occur through contaminated surfaces from smear or contact infection.

In addition to compliance with hygiene standards, the installation of protection and partitioning systems is an important component in infection control to contain the spread of pathogens and protect oneself and others from infection. This is especially true in enclosed spaces, in places with many people and wherever there is close contact.

Infection control
in areas with
high hygiene standards



Hotel industry

Planning room concepts and walkways for
large crowds of people


Railway stations


Design of
desk-based workplaces
in accordance with infection control rules


Conference rooms

Your advantages in infection control

An essential task of infection control, besides prevention and early detection, is to prevent the further spread of infectious diseases – and to do so as efficiently as possible. This is exactly what we have achieved with the development of our plastic room separator solutions in 2020. The room separators are not just easy and flexible to use: some of them also have an antimicrobial surface that prevents the growth of viruses and bacteria. Their special design and size provide an excellent privacy screen as well as sneeze and cough protection in the respective application areas – and thus protect you from infection.

Proven antimicrobial effect
(ISO 22196 and ISO 21702)

Excellent privacy screen with sneeze and cough protection

100% recyclable

Infection control in numbers

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