Large load carriers

MegaPack folding systems are light, stable, and folding

MegaPacks are folding plastic large load carriers and pallet boxes that meet all the requirements of modern and environmentally friendly transport and storage logistics. Due to their special construction consisting of a twin-sheet pallet, a folding sleeve, and a twin-sheet lid, the large load carriers are light yet very stable. They are also ergonomic and safe to handle, have a long service life, and can be fully recycled at the end of their useful life. The large load carriers can be folded when empty to save space in storage and transport. Their folding capability enables avolume reduction of up to 85%, saving both space and money.

MegaPack ALPHA

The Folding Champion


MegaPack BETA

The Handling Hero


MegaPack GAMMA

The Storage King


MegaPack JUMBO

The Ultra-robust


MegaPack JUMBO X

The Ultra-robust with interlayer


MegaPack OMEGA

The High-rack Solution


MegaPack F-GIBOX Standard

The Pallet-cage Alternative


MegaPack F-GIBOX Jumbo

The Pallet-cage Alternative


MegaPack XXL

The One for Oversized Products


Pallet systems


Large load carriers inner packaging


Large load carriers options


The right MegaPack folding system for every application

The MegaPack series of large load carriers includes nine standardized container types with dimensions ranging from 800 x 600 mm to 2250 x 1495 mm. With individual inner packaging, such as interlayers, dividers, and inserts, and various features, our load carriers can be adapted to the transport and storage conditions within your supply chain. In ESD design or as hazardous goods containers, they are also suitable for transporting electrostatically sensitive components and solid hazardous goods. Each folding system has its own advantages.

MegaPack ALPHA: secure transport for full loads and maximum volume reduction for empties

The ALPHA large load carrier guarantees optimum utilization of the transport volume for full loads and empties. Thanks to a nesting pallet manufactured using the deep-drawing (thermoforming) process and the Classic fold, the plastic transport container achieves a volume saving of up to 85 percent when empty, making it our absolute "reduction champion".

MegaPack BETA: for easy and time-saving handling

Speed and timing are important factors in modern logistics. The BETA large load carrier can be assembled and disassembled in a matter of seconds, making it ideal for efficient time and space management. Our "handling champion" has a raised pallet edge, allowing the folding sleeve to be stowed directly between the pallet and the lid. This keeps the components together and forms a single packaging unit.

MegaPack GAMMA: return of all packaging components in a single system

When folding load carriers are equipped with a specific interior, more storage space is needed for their return. Our GAMMA large load carrier has an additional sleeve attached to the pallet that allows both the folding sleeve and all inner packaging to be stowed away neatly and securely to save space. Time-consuming commissioning to refill the large load container is avoided. The twin-sheet return sleeve also provides extra protection against damage during handling with forklifts.

MegaPack JUMBO and JUMBO X: for heavy products or products requiring a high level of protection

The JUMBO and JUMBO X large load carriers are ideal for the transport of heavy components or parts requiring a high level of protection. An ultra-sturdy HDPE folding sleeve guarantees payloads of up to 750 kg and reliably protects the goods stored in the load carrier from damage. Compared with the JUMBO, the JUMBO X has a stable twin-sheet intermediate floor system that is firmly hooked into the folding sleeve. This enables products to be transported on several levels without being subjected to loads.

MegaPack OMEGA: ideal for storage in high and pallet racks

Our OMEGA large load carrier is specially designed for use in high and pallet racks. A pallet with inbuilt steel frame or steel reinforcements, closed pallet deck, and injection-molded feet ensures good load distribution and prevents the system from being bent in the rack. Storage is therefore stable and safe, even with full load utilization.

MegaPack F-GIBOX: alternative to the conventional pallet cage

The F-GIBOX and F-GIBOX Jumbo large load carriers are the alternatives to conventional pallet cages. The enclosed plastic packaging is not only lighter and cleaner than its steel and metal counterparts, it can also be folded to save space. In terms of internal dimensions, both folding systems – F-GIBOX and F-GIBOX Jumbo – are compatible with the pallet cage so that existing internal packaging can continue to be used. Combined stacking with pallet cages is possible.

MegaPack XXL: large load carriers for oversized and bulky products

Secure transport of oversized products such as sills, wiring harnesses, and bumpers requires correspondingly sized transport packaging. Various large load carriers are therefore also available in XXL dimensions. They all have one thing in common: a minimum length of 2000 mm. To prevent the large load carriers from bending at this length, they have a plastic pallet with steel frame or steel reinforcements. Our XXL containers are also available with a return sleeve on request.

MegaPack pallet system: transport solution for small load carriers

Our pallet system can be used to combine small load carriers (e.g. VDA KLT boxes), stacking boxes (e.g. Euronorm), and foam containers (e.g. EPP) to form stable transport units. A base pallet with a raised pallet edge and a special end cover prevent the load carriers from slipping during transport. Encasing in the form of a sleeve, as in the case of large load carriers, is not required. For heavy loads, the pallet or pallet system can be optionally reinforced with a steel frame.

Large load carriers from Söhner Kunststofftechnik – your specialist for plastic transport packaging

For more than 50 years, Söhner Kunststofftechnik has specialized in the development and production of folding transport packaging and customized packaging solutions made of plastic. Benefit from our experience in packaging, large load carriers, and pallet boxes. Do you need an individual container solution or plastic packaging? Then get in touch with us – give us a call or send us an e-mail. We would be delighted to offer advice.

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