A stable separator solution for the transport of long and heavy component parts in large load carriers

Söhner Kunststofftechnik, the specialist in transport packaging, has developed an innovative, highly stable separator solution for the safe transport of heavy and long component parts in large load carriers. The partition walls, which are inserted to separate the component parts from one another, are linked and stabilized using a so-called cross lock. As a result, the bending or snapping of the inserted partition walls is minimized, which prevents damage to the component parts.

A separator solution with inserted partition walls and cross locks to create separate compartments in a MegaPack large load carrier.

Despite the cross lock, the separator solution can be folded up compactly for storage and transport when empty.

The connector clamp provides additional stability and prevents the bending and breaking of the separator walls.

To date, the use of separators with plug-in partition walls in large load carriers, large volume containers and mesh boxes was only possible to a limited extent. The plug-in slots required for the interlinking of the partition walls for high packages are so deep that stability is lost in certain areas. In particular when heavy, long component parts are being transported, elements of the partition walls may bend and snap, which could result in the component parts tilting or falling over. The packaging specialist Söhner Kunststofftechnik has now developed a solution that securely links the partition walls, making them stable and preventing damage to the component parts. In the area of intersection, the individual partition walls are stabilized by way of a patented lock in the form of a connector clamp.


Each connector clamp is plugged into the respective top edges of two intersecting partition walls. They are fastened using positive-locking cam lobes which are slid into the respective locking slots in the partition walls. In comparison to traditional cross locks, Söhner Kunststofftechnik's solution enables balancing movements of the partitioning walls relative to each other. This flexibility not only increases durability, but also ensures that the separators can be folded up to save space when not in use, without the connector clamps having to be removed.


The connector clamps are only marginally broader than the polypropylene twin-wall partitions. The clamps therefore do not obstruct the insertion process or the removal of the component parts. Thanks to the smooth, closely fitting design, scratches almost never occur. Moreover, the risk of injury to users is reduced to a minimum.


In addition to the vertical compartment orientation, the cross lock with connector clamp can also increase stability for horizontally placed compartments such as shelf-like dividers. The separator solution is particularly suitable for the safe separation of heavy and long component parts in large load carriers and large volume containers. But the cross lock with connector clamp can also be very helpful when separator insertions are used in small-load carriers if the respective stability requirements exist.

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