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Dividers and partitions

For expert packing and separation.

Partitions and compartments made of PP twin wall panels are used for the safe separation of parts within larger packaging, such as small and large load carriers. The division into individual compartments makes the products available in a sorted, clear manner and thus simplifies checks. In addition, the separation prevents the parts from bumping into each other.

In comparison with solutions made of solid and corrugated cardboard, compartments made of PP twin wall panels are low-dust, abrasion-proof and resistant against oils, greases and solvents. With a fleece lining, they provide additional surface protection for sensitive products.

  • Faltbares Steckgefache aus PP
  • HKP-Gefache in einer HKP-Box
  • HKP-Gefache als Einsatz in einem Großladungsträger
  • HKP-Stegeinsatz in einem Großladungsträger


  • Folded, inserted or welded
  • Edges rounded or welded
  • Fleece lining
  • With or without frame
  • Various colors
  • Individual printing
  • ESD design (only in black)


    • Foldable
    • Multiply usable
    • Low-dust and abrasion-proof
    • Chemical resistant
    • Versatile designs
    • 100% recyclable
      Einfaches Steckgefache aus 9 Elementen

      Inserted dividers
      Insertable dividers allow the packaging to be flexibly adapted to alternating or different products.

      Gefache an den Rändern verschweißt

      Peripherally welded dividers
      Partitions can be welded together to provide high stability and durability.

      Gefache mit Vlies kaschiert

      Laminated dividers
      Laminated with fleece, the dividers protect sensitive parts from surface damage such as scratches.

      Gefache-Tray: Gefache und Behälter in Einem.

      Divider tray
      The divider tray is container and divider in one and can be used without exterior packaging.