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Dividers and interlayers

Safe and stable loading untis.

Dividers or interlayers are stackable workpiece carrier. The bottom of the workpiece carrier are formed in a way that one by one can be stacked with products. This means that the upper carrier lies on the components of the underlying carrier.

Dimensions min.: 350 x 250 mm
Dimensions max.:
2400 x 1500 mm
Material: ABS, ABS/TPU, HD-PE, PC, PS, electrically conductive (ESD)

Thermogeformte Zwischenlagen in MegaPack GAMMA

Dividers in SÖHNER MegaPacks

Inserted in MEGAPACK large load carriers, precisely fitting dividers allow components to be safely stored in several layers.


  • Maximum use of volume
  • Storage protected from weather
  • Enclosed shipping unit
    Thermogeformte Zwischenlagen in Rungengestellen

    Dividers in stake racks

    In combination with stake racks, even large loads can be placed on dividers. The arising load is borne by the rack.


    • Heavy loads possible
    • Nonslip storage
    • Robust shipping unit

    Thermogeformte Zwischenlagen für Bremssättel auf Kunststoffpaletten

    Dividers on pallets

    You can stack complete assemblies on pallets by using dividers. The dividers prevent sliding and scratching.


      • Cost-efficient solution
      • Small return volume
      • For all conventional types of pallets

        Automated loading untis

        There are numerous options to set up specific loading units meeting most varied requirements that are also suitable for applications in automation technology.